A full-service rigging solution. We supply all the rigging equipment you need to get the job done – slings, adjustable chains, shackles, chain blocks, 40-ton load-bearing neoprene skates, plates, steering gear, forklift extensions and more – at no extra cost to you. Our quoted rates always include the provision of a Rigging Site Supervisor, competent operators and trained dedicated rigging teams at all times during the rigging phases.

Our rigging process and equipment are set up for maximum safety:

  • Triple and quadruple sling attachment points ensure safe
    mass loads.
  • We take every care to avoid shock or side loadings.
  • Our riggers carefully determine the balance point to prevent any risk of longitudinal or vertical tilt.
  • We make adequate provision for load capacity and weight factors.
  • We factor in a safety margin when specifying the rigging and lifting resources.
  • All lifting equipment carries the current test and examination certifications.
  • Our supervisors, operators, fitters and rigging crews are re-certified annually and trained to a high degree of competence with extensive rigging experience.

Supported Industries


Utilities & Powerstation

Energy & Petrochemical

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