Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste management involves reducing the amount of hazardous substances produced, treating hazardous wastes to reduce their toxicity, and applying sound engineering controls to reduce or eliminate exposures to these wastes. SMETI offers a whole gamut of environmental services under various categories such as Waste Management – hazardous, municipal, bio medical, construction waste & e-waste; Waste to Energy; Recycling – waste water, paper, plastic and integrated waste; Environmental Solutions such as remediation & waste water treatment.

Sampling & Profiling – We visit your site to take a sample of the hazardous waste type and assist you with completing a waste profile and all the legal necessary registrations Sample Assessment – We assess the hazardous waste sample, taken from the point of generation, to determine a suitable disposal solution Quoting – Once we have determined a suitable disposal solution, we provide our client with a quote based on the treatment method and management required Treatment & Disposal – We safely transport the hazardous waste to the disposal site recommended where we then verify that the waste matched the sample and then we proceed to dispose of the waste via the treatment solution developed for the client. Hazardous Waste Manifest – Once the waste has been disposed of, we draw up a hazardous waste manifest that details exactly how your waste has been handled from collection to disposal. If your waste was transformed into solid fuel, we will provide a certificate detailing the carbon saving achieved.

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